Divorce Means a Split for Couples and Their Estate Plans

From a legal perspective, divorce is an onerous process. From discovery and negotiation to alimony and custody, couples often emerge beleaguered and ready to give the formalities a rest. View image | gettyimages.com That’s understandable. But as The Wall Street Journal points out, there’s at least one more step that recent divorcées need to take: estate… Read More »

Choosing the Wrong Personal Representative for a Will Could Cost Millions

We always stress the importance of choosing the right personal representative for a Last Will and Testament. The ideal candidate is someone impartial, capable, trustworthy, and fair. It isn’t a decision to make lightly. View image | gettyimages.com Why not? Well, consider this story from Forbes. The cast of characters, as they put it, includes:… Read More »

Book Review: Me Before You

Some novels are designed merely to entertain. Others shed light on the human con-dition and, particularly, how we face challenges, such as disability and death. JoJo Moyes’ novel1 artfully presents the narrowing choices faced by a once vibrant “king of the world” (born to wealth and all the privileges that accords, gifted in other ways,… Read More »


The term “Fiduciary” defines anyone who acts on behalf of another. The simplest fiduciary is an “agent,” often appointed under a Power of Attorney. But other agents are appointed by court (guardians, conservators, administrators, and personal representatives) or by written agreement (health care proxies and trustees). Since one purpose of estate and long-term care planning… Read More »

Understanding a Pour-Over Will

A Pour-Over Will is a type of Will that directs your assets to a trust that is separate from the Will. The reason for “pouring” assets from the Will over to a trust is so that the trust will direct what happens with your assets. Having your trust control the assets provides for potential tax… Read More »

‘One-Stop Shopping’…The Estate Planner’s Way

My clients will tell you that I love the idea of ‘one-stop shopping’. So, how does ‘one-stop shopping’ tie in with estate planning? One of the major reasons for doing an estate plan is to make things as efficient and as smooth as possible if you should become incapacitated and upon passing. Having the proper… Read More »