Purpose Prize Winners

For the last 10 years Encore.org (formerly Civic Ventures) has honored hundreds of people from around the world for their work in second careers. Encore, which is based in San Francisco and New York, is dedicated to encouraging, promoting and, in some cases, financing what it calls, “seconds acts for the greater good.”  They focus… Read More »

Life is Too Short

According to recent data from the Women’s Institute for Secure Data one third of the women who lose a spouse are under the age of 65. And yes, for over 100 years women have enjoyed longer life spans then men. Although, according to a Los Angeles Times story this has not always been the case…. Read More »

Do I Have to Shovel My Walk?

The morning after a light snow, a St. Paul, Minnesota man looked out his front window and noticed the walkway in front of his home and his neighbor’s was covered in white. Without a moment’s hesitation, the resident put on his coat and shoveled not only his own walk , but his neighbor’s. That fact… Read More »

We Should all Plan Like David Bowie

David Bowie, the iconic singer who passed away last month is gaining fame in financial circles for the steps he took in estate planning. Now, Bowie lived in England where laws governing inheritance are quite different from the United States, but what the singer did is a good lesson for anyone. Putting it simply, according… Read More »

Make Estate Planning Your New Year’s Resolution

We’re several weeks into the New Year, and studies show that most people have already abandoned their resolutions (or at least they will soon)! Well, it’s an A for effort, anyway. If you’re among those who’ve already thrown in the proverbial towel — or if you didn’t even get so far as making a resolution… Read More »

The 4 C’s: Why You Need An Estate Plan

NerdWallet recently answered that age-old question — “Do I need a will?” — with a pithy but resounding, “Yes.” Of course, one-word answers haven’t convinced most Americans. Despite experts’ impassioned pleas, some 55% of adults in this country still don’t have so much as a will, let alone a trust or any of the other… Read More »