Some Astounding Long-Term Care Statistics

Morningstar, a popular publication from the renowned Chicago investment firm of the same name, recently culled together a list of “50 must-know statistics” from the world of long-term care.(For those who can’t access the latest data, you can find last year’s statistics, which chart similar numbers, in Morningstar’s archive.) Together, they paint a picture of… Read More »

A Look at a Few Common Trusts (And How They Help)

The Motley Fool recently issued a new article dispelling the myth that trusts are only for wealthy families with walk-in vaults and rivers of gold. The truth is that trusts have become an essential building block in today’s middle-class and working-class estate plans. View image | Trusts can save everyone money, heartache, hassle, and… Read More »

VA Tells Agent Orange Victims They’re Entitled to Benefits

Veterans Affairs offices all across the country, including right here in Massachusetts, are stepping up their efforts to help veterans who might have been exposed to Agent Orange many decades ago. Unfortunately, many veterans don’t know they were exposed to Agent Orange — or they don’t realize that the symptoms they’re experiencing can be traced… Read More »

New Bill Would Increase Accountability & Services at VA

  The U.S. Senate is getting behind a bill that would apply new accountability measures to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) — much of it with bipartisan support.   The VA, of course, has long been the subject of intense criticism among veterans’ advocates. In recent years, the firestorm has gotten even hotter… Read More »