Life is Too Short

According to recent data from the Women’s Institute for Secure Data one third of the women who lose a spouse are under the age of 65. And yes, for over 100 years women have enjoyed longer life spans then men. Although, according to a Los Angeles Times story this has not always been the case…. Read More »

Do I Have to Shovel My Walk?

The morning after a light snow, a St. Paul, Minnesota man looked out his front window and noticed the walkway in front of his home and his neighbor’s was covered in white. Without a moment’s hesitation, the resident put on his coat and shoveled not only his own walk , but his neighbor’s. That fact… Read More »

The 4 C’s: Why You Need An Estate Plan

NerdWallet recently answered that age-old question — “Do I need a will?” — with a pithy but resounding, “Yes.” Of course, one-word answers haven’t convinced most Americans. Despite experts’ impassioned pleas, some 55% of adults in this country still don’t have so much as a will, let alone a trust or any of the other… Read More »

Maybe Old Age Needs a New Marketing Manager

“Old age” isn’t a phrase that gets anyone excited, but maybe that’s just the phrase’s fault. View image | In a compelling new editorial, the Daily Telegraph says that modern aging is in desperate need of a marketing makeover. We hear so much about 60 becoming the new 40, after all, but everyone still… Read More »

Older People Really Do Have Wiser Minds!

From the time we’re toddlers, we’re taught to respect our elders. We seek their advice and listen as they regale us with stories from olden times. There’s something about their insight and perspective that we just can’t find anywhere else. View image | As it turns out, that old illusion of “elderly wisdom” is… Read More »

Only the Lonely Retire Unhappily

Companionship can make all the difference. Studies show that people who live their lives in close contact with others — whether a spouse or a group of friends — are generally happier, more productive, and more fulfilled. That’s true both before and after retirement. View image | But keeping close ties becomes more challenging… Read More »