Brain Health: Myths Versus Reality

You’ve no doubt heard plenty of stories about how to keep your brain healthy and boost memory. A recent article on AARP’s website explored this subject and distinguished between myth and fact. Here are some the highlights. Myth: Brain aging is inevitable. Although the brain does shrink with age, exercise has been shown to increase… Read More »

New Link Between Blood Pressure and Alzheimer’s

For years, scientists have struggled to find the cause of Alzheimer’s and dementia. As it turns out, the answer might be elusive because there isn’t just one cause. Indeed, each week seems to bring a new headline with a new causal link. Earlier this month, we told you about the beneficial relationship between mental exercise… Read More »

Preventing Dementia Might Be Easier Than You Think

Nothing scares us more than dementia. Increasingly, studies find that people fear Alzheimer’s and other such illnesses more than cancer, heart disease, auto accidents, or any other leading cause of death. Undoubtedly, that shift in the cultural anxiety is due in part to a decrease in the rate of cancer and cardiovascular death. But there’s… Read More »