The 4 C’s: Why You Need An Estate Plan

NerdWallet recently answered that age-old question — “Do I need a will?” — with a pithy but resounding, “Yes.” Of course, one-word answers haven’t convinced most Americans. Despite experts’ impassioned pleas, some 55% of adults in this country still don’t have so much as a will, let alone a trust or any of the other… Read More »

A Look at a Few Common Trusts (And How They Help)

The Motley Fool recently issued a new article dispelling the myth that trusts are only for wealthy families with walk-in vaults and rivers of gold. The truth is that trusts have become an essential building block in today’s middle-class and working-class estate plans. View image | Trusts can save everyone money, heartache, hassle, and… Read More »

Robin Williams’ Will: No Exploitation of His Image for 25 Years

Don’t look for a Robin Williams hologram at next year’s Oscars. Who can forget the dancing Michael Jackson hologram at last year’s Billboard Music Awards? Or Celine Dion’s “American Idol” duet with a posthumous Elvis? Or the recent Audrey Hepburn commercial for Dove chocolates? The advertising and entertainment industries love a good resurrection. But they… Read More »

Choosing the Wrong Personal Representative for a Will Could Cost Millions

We always stress the importance of choosing the right personal representative for a Last Will and Testament. The ideal candidate is someone impartial, capable, trustworthy, and fair. It isn’t a decision to make lightly. View image | Why not? Well, consider this story from Forbes. The cast of characters, as they put it, includes:… Read More »

Understanding a Pour-Over Will

A Pour-Over Will is a type of Will that directs your assets to a trust that is separate from the Will. The reason for “pouring” assets from the Will over to a trust is so that the trust will direct what happens with your assets. Having your trust control the assets provides for potential tax… Read More »