How do we all, as onlookers, family, caretakers and friends, manage the symptoms and improve the quality of life for those enduring this terrible malady?
We are presented with so many puzzles presented to us who are bearing witness.  We want to solve these puzzles and improve life for all those touched by this disease.   So many symptoms are so very puzzling!
We will help you to become sleuths who will uncover the secrets of difficult behaviors.  You will learn what domains to examine.  What triggers are hiding in “corners” that you can control?  By avoiding the the triggers, you may change the challenging behaviors & understand what your loved one has been trying to communicate.  Accomplishing this will improve quality of life for the person who feels out of control and for all of you who may feel helpless in the face of these challenges.
  •    Identify challenges
  •    Identify the 5 Domains of Habilitation Therapy
  •    Learn to be a Sleuth
  •    How can you alter the Environment & Culture?
  •    Reduce caregiver fatigue & Improve Quality of life for all
Date:        Thursday, August 10, 2017
Time:        12:00 PM to 1:30 PM (EDT)
Seating is limited, please reserve your seats in advance by calling 508-202-1818.


Presented by Betsy Ross, MA, LICSW, NHA 

Paul Raia, PhD 

Betsy Ross, MA, LICSW, NHA

For over 25 years, Betsy has dedicated her career to producing positive long-term experiences for elders and their families. Betsy is a Licensed Independent Social Worker and Nursing Home administrator.  At a Private Practice, she works with the families of loved ones with Alzheimer/Dementia.  For seven years she worked as the Executive Director at Rogerson House in Jamaica Plain, a 66 resident Assisted Living and Adult Day Program.  There, Betsy created a “Culture of Caring” and as a result, the Rogerson House became the number one referral choice of the Alzheimer’s Association of Massachusetts.

In founding BOUNDLESS OPTIONS, Betsy has laser-focused her personal and

professional skills in forwarding her vision regarding how to inspire seniors to positively embrace each and every transition in their lives.


Paul Raia, PhD

Paul Raia, PhD has worked in the fields of psychology and gerontology for 44 years.  In the past 29 years, Paul has been the Vice President of the Massachusetts/New Hampshire Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association, Clinical Services. He is currently a partner in a consulting firm, Raia/Ross 2.0, dedicated to assisting clients in quality improvements in all aspects of dementia care.

Dr. Raia developed a comprehensive approach to dementia care, Habilitation Therapy, which teaches others how to connect with individuals with dementia emotionally.  Dr. Raia is deeply committed to the notion that many symptoms associated with dementia can be treated with thoughtful behavioral and environmental strategies. Major hallmarks in his career are: Developing the first support group in the country for early-stage patients, assisting the physical design of dementia units in nursing homes and assisted living facilities, and improving the service quality for those living with dementia, and their families. He has been recognized for his work by the Massachusetts State Legislature, the Massachusetts Gerontology Association, Mass. Assisted Living Federation, The Alzheimer’s Association, The Mass. Bar Association, and profiled in a feature article in the Boston Globe.


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