How To Protect Against Identity Theft

It is estimated that someone’s identity is stolen every two seconds. Security expert Frank Abagnale offers some suggestions on how to prevent it from happening to you. • Lock your mailbox. If your mailbox doesn’t lock, you can buy one that does for about $40 • Don’t leave valuables in your car, particularly your laptop,… Read More »


Brain Health: Myths Versus Reality

You’ve no doubt heard plenty of stories about how to keep your brain healthy and boost memory. A recent article on AARP’s website explored this subject and distinguished between myth and fact. Here are some the highlights. Myth: Brain aging is inevitable. Although the brain does shrink with age, exercise has been shown to increase… Read More »

History of Needham: Film Screening and Panel Discussion

The decision to move into a senior living community is a big step for retirees and their families.  Get the answers you’re looking for from our panel of experts specializing in senior services.  This event, will consist of a short film screening and panel discussion to follow. Our panel of experts includes: Audrey Zabin, M.ED.,… Read More »

Understanding Advanced Directives and Common Estate Planning Mistakes Presentation

Every estate plan is built upon a foundation of essential estate planning documents.  Learn about these essential documents, including:  advance medical directives and living wills, health care proxies, powers of attorney, revocable living trusts, and last will and testaments. Understanding these documents can help you make the right decisions so that you can minimize hardships… Read More »