Is It Time to Talk About Your Will with Your Loved Ones?

Having a conversation with your loved ones about your will may be important for minimizing the chances of an argument down the line. It’s a good idea to pull aside the relevant individuals and have this chat, but you need to approach the subject carefully. When a parent passes away without having this conversation, his… Read More »

Should You Name a Trust as a Beneficiary of Your IRA?

Inherited individual retirement accounts can be some of the most complex assets to deal with when someone is administering your estate. Federal law states that inherited IRAs for non-spouse beneficiaries are not necessarily protected from creditors, meaning that a beneficiary’s creditors could claim they have the rights to access these funds left behind by you,… Read More »

Are Your Beneficiary Designations All That Important?

Your beneficiary designations on items such as your individual retirement account or your life insurance policy are critically important for the company to determine who should receive your benefits if something happens to you. Even though this is a pertinent detail of your estate planning, many beneficiary designations are often forgotten, mishandled or overlooked. Many… Read More »

What Are the Responsibilities of a Personal Representative?

Naming a personal representative is something that all individuals should consider, despite the fact that no two estate plans are exactly the same. Every individual’s estate has its own set of circumstances and facts. The assets within each estate will be different as well as the individuals who may ultimately receive those assets. There are… Read More »

Five Important Steps to Take Before Getting Married

Before walking down the aisle and saying I do, there are several different steps you can take to set yourself off on the right foot in your new marriage. These five tips are essential for the engaged.  Put Together a Budget A budget is essential especially if you are combining finances and living together for… Read More »