Make Estate Planning Your New Year’s Resolution

We’re several weeks into the New Year, and studies show that most people have already abandoned their resolutions (or at least they will soon)! Well, it’s an A for effort, anyway. If you’re among those who’ve already thrown in the proverbial towel — or if you didn’t even get so far as making a resolution… Read More »

The 4 C’s: Why You Need An Estate Plan

NerdWallet recently answered that age-old question — “Do I need a will?” — with a pithy but resounding, “Yes.” Of course, one-word answers haven’t convinced most Americans. Despite experts’ impassioned pleas, some 55% of adults in this country still don’t have so much as a will, let alone a trust or any of the other… Read More »

How to Handle an Inheritance

Inheritances often come as a surprise, and an emotional surprise at that. Unlike most other gifts in life, inheritances arrive in the midst of sorrow and confusion. Knowing how to strategically and tactfully handle an unexpected inheritance can be a real challenge. U.S. News & World Report recently talked with one beneficiary who couldn’t bring… Read More »

Lewy Body Dementia Is Frequently Misdiagnosed

That news took even Williams’ closest friends by surprise, in part because the actor had kept the diagnosis a secret and also because this particular form of the disease is so poorly understood. Dr. Angela Bentle, a geriatrics specialist with the Methodist Charlton Medical Center, recently sat down for a public-access interview to help people… Read More »