An extraordinary, dedicated, compassionate lawyer! Don’t even bother with anyone else.

Attorney O'Connell Is an extraordinary person. She knows the system, the law, and how to best minimize both emotional and financial impact to her client! She kept me informed and educated every step of the way! I know I was 'guided' to this person for help and closure of my mother's estate. No other lawyer would even bother to show 'genuine' compassion and understanding for his/her client. With no referrals because we live thousands of miles away, and sight unseen, my daughter and I met up with Ms. O'Connell for an initial consultation. We were guided step by step even at that first consult! Because of her down to earth and extreme patience, I knew what needed to be done and how it would be done, before we even signed anything! I was so relieved about the strange process and Massachusetts laws. What a relief and Godsend Ms. O'Connell has been for us. You may go to a big law firm and get one of their specialized staff attorneys and be lost in their system, especially if you aren't a 'high roller' client. This is Not so with Ms. O'Connell. She is 'professionally personal'! Even at her own sacrifice of time and (with me) extreme patience. I don't know ANYONE who could truly say that their lawyer was as genuinely concerned with the emotional AND financial impact of estate/probate planning is to their clients! I know Ms. O'Connell sacrificed her own personal time and energies, above and beyond all that fine print in a contract! I will forever be grateful.
- Rita Earle Peterson

A Knowledgeable, Thorough, Professional Attorney

Lynda Furash handled my mother's estate in support of me, the Personal Representative, and my siblings. Lynda was assigned to our case at a very, hectic, demanding emotional time of adjustment that follows family loss. Lynda's work is excellent! She and I are both very detailed and as such, we were able to establish a relationship and rapport that made accomplishing difficult, detailed objectives pleasant. Having experienced otherwise, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of working with an attorney whose capabilities I had full confidence in. I do not take this for granted.

I immensely enjoyed working with Lynda Furash to get to the point of complete closure of the estate. I would highly recommend Lynda to anyone who is in need of an attorney who gets the job done with excellence.

- Natalie

If you need a probate lawyer, look no further

Tiffany helped me tremendously in handling my brother's estate, who died suddenly under tragic circumstances. She was recommended by a friend, at the time when I was desperately looking for someone to guide me through the intricacies of the probate process. Circumstances notwithstanding, I could not have been more pleased. Since our first meeting, I felt I was in good hands. Tiffany is incredibly engaging and warm, clearly possessing undeniable expertise in matters of probate administration and accounting. She assisted me throughout the entire process, at times tedious and quite complex, always being mindful of cost-efficient alternatives. She is a pleasure to work with, and I recommend her wholeheartedly.
- Julie

Knowledgeable, attentive, and easy to work with

My wife and I had not updated our estate plans in quite some time and we were referred to see Tiffany. Tiffany takes the time to ask great questions, she covers all the bases, and then uses a method to lay it all out in front of you that helps you clearly understand what your plan is, how it works and who is or will be involved. We no longer felt lost in documents! We found her team welcoming and helpful as well.
- Stuart

Made a meaningful difference at a difficult time

I was very fortunate to find Lynda Furash after my father passed away in March. Although my duties and responsibilities as personal representative of the estate were pretty clear, Lynda was able to clarify the finer points and help me navigate the process in an informed and thoughtful manner. Most importantly, since I was experiencing significant emotional stress due to a hostile family member, Lynda was able to handle many communications between us in a knowledgeable and professional way that actually defused tensions on both sides. Her ability to present facts, explain points of view and weigh pros and cons while maintaining my best interests at the forefront was comforting and confidence-inspiring.

Lynda's rates were reasonable and she was consistently and accurately able to let me know what to expect at each stage of the process. I am very grateful to her for making the estate process both manageable and stress-free. Moreover, Lynda's manner is pleasant, warm and caring. If working with an attorney can actually be enjoyable, then I believe Lynda achieved that end!

- Loretta

Pleasure to Work With!

My wife and I wanted to create an estate plan to protect our young family in the event of an emergency and after a little searching online came upon Tiffany. We had an initial complimentary face-to-face meeting to discuss our situation and afterwards decided to continue working with Tiffany and trusting her to take care of us. Simply put she was amazing. Thorough, gregarious, and extremely informative, Tiffany far exceeded our expectations and made the entire estate planning process an enjoyable one. Each meeting we had with Tiffany not only further solidified our estate plan but it also educated us on the nuances of wills, trusts, and powers of attorney without ever feeling takled down to. It never felt like Tiffany was trying to sell us anything, rather she wanted to ensure that our priorities were met for as little money as possible. Furthermore each meeting ran over time which wasn't a problem for Tiffany or us because we were eager to learn, and just goes to show her commitment to her clients and taking care of their needs. I would absolutley recommend Tiffany to anyone looking to secure their family's future, particularly young couples that aren't sure exactly what to do but know that they should do something. She will educate you without preaching and then ensure that everything makes sense before going forward. We had a great experience with her and will most certainly continue to work with her in the future.
- Chris

She makes the most complex things easy to understand

When you want someone who can explain the complexity of estate planning and then walk you through it as if it is as simple as making a cup of instant coffee, Tiffany is the person to seek out. We had Tiffany update our estate and will. Who knew that after 8 years so much had changed? Our previous attorney never bothered to contact us or keep us informed of changes in the laws and tax codes. Tiffany redid our estate and will giving us peace of mind that we will never grow stale and that our family is well cared for. She is a dream to work with and her team will hand hold you through the process.
- Victoria